Gov Emmanuel: Finishing well and finishing strong, By Anietie Usen

Honestly, the question in my mind lately is: “Where has he found the money to construct these large number of roads in the State”? Certainly, it is a wonder to me and all sincere Akwa Ibom people, how Governor Udom Emmanuel has managed to overcome so much financial and political difficulties and accomplished so much for the people of the state in infrastructural and industrial development.

To be sure, his efforts in various fronts have not yielded 100 percent result, but this man cannot be faulted for lack of initiatives and zeal to take the State to a new level. In fact, he went all out in multiple directions, some would say biting more than he could chew, to make the state the shinning example of good governance. No matter how you look at it, this man has quietly done very well for Akwa Ibom people. Udom has governed Akwa Ibom well.

And still lined up for commissioning in the remaining three weeks of his Administration are multi-billion Naira projects including another express way from Uyo to Etinan and the most digital and modern airport in Nigeria, among others. Again, for many observers, the issue is not what has Udom done with our money, but where has he found the money to accomplish so much. From Udom’s example, I have come to the personal conclusion that it takes a deep heart of love for your people to be a good political leader.

Governor Udom seems to have fully come to terms with the fact that if Akwa Ibom State would not help itself, no one else would; not even the almighty federal government that has no singular presence in Akwa Ibom State in eight years of Buhari Administration, but in neighbouring countries.

Today, May 2, 2023, Governor Udom, will again escort former President Obasanjo and thousands of Akwa Ibom people to commission of another express way that links up and inter-connect various parts of the State to as far as the Atlantic Ocean. This 23.4 kilometers Etinan-Eket Road, is certainly a surprise to many, who had thought the project would be completed by Pastor Umo Eno, the Governor-Elect.

By this month end when Governor Udom hands over to his successor, he would not only have raised the bar in corporate governance and political leadership in Nigeria, he would certainly know deep in his conscience that he has fought a good a good fight and he has finished well and finished strong.

*Anietie Usen is a multiple award-winning author and veteran journalist. He is a regular contributor to The Frontier.


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