How consistent sexual harassment pushed me out of Nollywood —Ada Jesus

Famous content creator, Ada Jesus, has opened up about how her journey into Nollywood was cut short due to constant sexual harassment from movie producers.

Ada Jesus, in an interview with Chudeity on Instagram and monitored by R, stated that she was forced to leave Nollywood when it became obvious that producers would not cast her in movies if she refused to let them have their way.

Tracing her journey back to what led her into skit making, Ada Jesus recalled that the harassment came in different forms from different people, adding that some people would just start telling others in the industry that “this is my girlfriend. Then you will be shocked thinking that you got into a relationship you knew nothing about.”

Speaking further, she stated that in some cases, some producers would demand money from up-and-coming actresses to feature in their movies. “They will collect N50,000 and they will give you a role. That’s how you will see some Nollywood movies and the person will be acting rubbish and you will be wondering who cast the person in the role.

“You can’t go home and tell your parents about these things because they will stop you from going the next day. So, I kept all these things in me but when I saw that it was becoming a consistent trend in Nollywood, I just washed my hands and said I was not doing it again.”

Ada Jesus also reacted to the rumour that linked her and her friend, Ash Mushy, having an affair with a former senator from a North-Central state, saying she had never met the senator let alone be in a private space with him.

“The blogger just cooked up a story because her blog was dying and needed to revive it with our names. It was a terrible time but it made me more famous. It was all lies and nothing more could be said about it,” she added.



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