Lack of trust is breaking up Nigeria — Clark

Elder statesman and lead­er of Pan-Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF), Edwin Clark, yesterday revealed that lack of trust is what is breaking up the country.

Speaking on the occasion of his 96th birthday celebration in Abuja, Clark said he will al­ways speak on what he knows in defence of Nigeria, reports Daily Independent.

Clark further said that he stopped celebrating his birth­days since the Chibok school­girls were abducted in Borno State.

Recall that over 200 stu­dents of Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State were abducted by gunmen from their hostels on April 14, 2014.

The elder statesman dis­closed that he has not been celebrating his birthday since the incident because it was the worst experience any country could have.

He said: “I stopped celebrat­ing my birthdays since the Chi­bok schoolgirls were abducted in Borno State. It was very painful.

“Today, I am not celebrating, I am thanking God. I am not celebrating because I lost two younger brothers in the past.

“It’s lack of trust that is breaking up Nigeria; Nigeria is so divided today. I am a Nige­rian, I won’t keep quiet when Nigerians are suffering. If Ni­geria does not stand properly, there will be no unity, there will be no peace.”

Speaking on his experience, Clark said, “I have worked for Nigeria for over 70 years, from the age of 25 or thereabout. I have served this country in various capacities. I must have offended many people, but I will always speak on any issue con­cerning Nigeria.

“Sometimes ago, I retired from active politics. I was a member of the PDP, but I will always speak on what I know in defence of Nigeria, we can­not be one country by words of mouth. We must love and trust ourselves. It is lack of trust that is breaking Nigeria today, Ni­geria is divided but we must speak our minds.

“I am not celebrating. Since 2020, October 13, I lost my younger brother, Prof. JP Clark. In July last year, I lost my brother, Ambassador PA Clark, who was Nigeria’s Permanent Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs.

“This is a book, my mem­oirs that I have written. It con­tains everything and I titled it, ‘Brutally Frank.’ I know some people will like to take me to court but I am waiting for them. I have spoken the truth and you can’t kill truth.”

The Bayelsa State governor, Duoye Diri, who also spoke at the occasion, expressed happi­ness that Clark was still preach­ing unity at 96, and could still remember Nigeria’s history.



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