Me sef, I must be Naija Presido (2)

... continued from last week

Na im make wen dat Oga talk am dat day say e must be Naija presido one day, and I come also remember di Oga wey talk say na im turn to be Naija presido, quick, quick na im I remember Bose pastor.

Dat’s why dis morning when I carry one bobo like dat for drop go Maryland, di two both of us jus dey yarn.

Di bobo tell me say im be Youth Corper but e trust im God say one day e go be big man for dis Naija. I tell am say me sef trust Eledumare say one day I must to be presido of dis Naija.

Di bobo come dey laugh ti-ti-ti-ti. I ask am why e dey laugh. E say how can ordinary taxi driver wey don old finish and wey no go school be Naija presido?

I ask am weda e know my age. E say no but dat I go be like 70 years old. I ask am weda im know say I go evening school for my village for Ogbomoso before I come Lagos in 1965 come learn mecho work. E say e no know. I say from today, make e know say to be Naija presido no be age, school or work wey person dey do. If you like make you be amu robber now. I tell am say, if you jus open your mouth talk say na your turn, with faith, e must to happen.

Di bobo come dey look my mouth like say e drink one drum of Lookozade. Na im I tell am say e don reach Maryland make e come down.

Na so di bobo pay me my money, open door and come down. As e waka dey enter im compound, I see say di bobo still dey tink wetin I tell am.

Make we jam again next Saturday.

Tank you

Tank you very much

And tank you very very much indeed.

*Created by Sunny Okim, Oga MAT is the longest running Pidgin column in Nigerian media, since 1994.



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