Me sef, I must be Naija Presido

My belle dey sweet me gan anytime I hear better people talk.

One Oga di order day talk say e must be Naija presido one day. And na so anoder Oga been talk am teletele before election say na im turn to be Naija presido.

Di two talk make me remember one Sunday like dat wey I follow my wife Bose and my two woman pikin dem – Bisi and Funke – go dia church wey dey for Pen Cinema.

I been say make I rush go drop dem for church dat Sunday morning, from dia I go pass go our garage wey dey near Ikeja under bridge.

As I drop my family finish, one mind come tell me say why I no kukuma enter di church siddon small before I go garage. Na so I enter car park, park my guonguoro, come down and follow my family enter di church siddon. My people shock, no be small. Dem know say I no dey go church, I no dey go mosque, and I no dey do juju. I jus dey my own. But dat day, na different ting all togeder.

Di ting wey I pick for all di ting wey di pastor talk dat Sunday be say, if we use our tongue talk anyting with faith, di ting must to happen. Since dat day, dat ting no comot for my mind.

(To be continued)

Make we jam again next Saturday.

Tank you

Tank you very much

And tank you very very much indeed.

*Created by Sunny Okim, Oga MAT is the longest running Pidgin column in Nigerian media, since 1994.


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