Tinubu’s swearing in: Justice can be delayed, not denied – Pro-democracy group

The Free Nigeria Movement (FNM), a pro-democracy organisation, has declared that it won’t stop fighting until the court upholds justice regarding the recent general elections held in the nation.

The group asserted that just because a president has been sworn in doesn’t imply that he can’t be removed from office and that justice can be delayed but never denied.

Speaking at a press conference, yesterday in Abuja, the Convener, Dr. Moses Paul, said: “Even if judgment is given on Friday, the inauguration will still take place. That a president is sworn in does not mean that you will not be taken out. Nigerians have to wake up beyond passion and emotion and the parochialism of small mindedness. We must understand that we still believe in our justice system. Some things can take one year, some things can take six months. Some things can even take two years, but justice will surely and definitely prevail. That’s my message to whoever it is that is going to come in.

He added that “secondly, we will hold you responsible and accountable to every word you’ve ever spoken to everything that is enshrined and upheld. By that office. We might not respect who is there but that office is a sacred office and for the sake of that office, we will do everything within our power to protect the sacredness, the serenity of that office.”

Regarding its activities and next move, Paul noted that, “We’ll be unveiling a lot of the things that we’re going to be doing. However, our vision and mission is entreated by equity, fairness and holding leadership accountable from the local government, to the state, the federal and so this is going to be seen in all the activities that we’re going to float in the next few days.

“Our aim is to ensure that at the end of the day, Nigeria sits at the committee of nations and that it takes place in the African Union and begin to rise up to the pinnacle of power and take other African countries and nations to where they are supposed to be so that every black person on the earth can stand, shoulders high. This is what we will continue to do through activities and engagements. As we will announce in the next coming days”.



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