Tribunal: Group protests against rejection of live broadcast of proceedings

An apolitical group, Free Nigeria Movement has called out the rejection of live broadcast of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal proceedings, saying it is the earliest way for Nigerians to follow up on how their votes were being defended.

The convener of the group, Paul Moses, stated this at a protest held in Abuja, reports Daily Sun.

Dr Moses lamented that the electorates who lost their votes are not allowed into the court and the call for a live broadcast on how the votes are being defended has also been rejected.

“We are the ones, who should be complaining in court that our votes have been stolen but they tell us that we cannot go to the court because we did not contest the election.

Now the possibility that the tribunal should be made available to all of us to be able to follow what is happening is now being denied.

Dr. Moses appealed with judges of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal to dispense justice fairly and allow the tribunal’s proceedings to be transparent so that Nigerians could rekindle their hope in the judiciary.

The co-convener, Lucky, Ehis on his part stated that the group will continue to protest until the right thing is done.

Ehis further explained that the group is not political but out to seek justice and the rebirth of Nigeria, “We will continue to stand here until we get Nigeria of our dreams. Our spirit won’t give up. Nigeria is not for sale. It will not continue to be old. We will get new. We will continue to push until we get a new Nigeria. It is not over until Nigeria people win.’





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