WEEKEND ROMANCE: My husband abandoned me after he returned from Germany, took another wife

The President, Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, Mrs S.M Akintayo has heard the testimonies of a couple, Abass Alarape and Remi Alarape on a divorce suit brought before her by the former against the latter on the grounds of troublesomeness and incompatibility.

Abass told the court he was fed up with the relationship between him and Remi, and was no longer comfortable living under the same roof with her.

The plaintiff stated that the defendant did the worst when she got him arrested and locked up by the police.

Remi denied all the allegations levelled against her by Abass, her husband.

Abass in his evidence said, “Remi and I were living separately at the outset of our marriage. We didn’t carry out traditional marital rites as was expected of us.

“Things were going well in our relationship until she demanded to move in with me.

“I was not comfortable with her request and thus delayed in giving her a go-ahead.

“I gave in to her request when she kept pestering me.

“My wife is troublesome and always on my neck.

“She nags and complains over everything, which infuriates me.

“We have differences almost all the time, while she complains to whoever cares to listen that I neglect and do not take care of her.

“Remi did the unpardonable when she got me arrested and locked up by the police.

“The police instead of mediating in our differences worsened the whole matter as they took sides with her.

“My lord, I want my wife out of my house and life. I was better off living separately from her.”

Remi in her evidence said, “My husband and I met in 1988 and I moved in with him in 1989 and had a child for him.

“I already had two other children before I met my husband and I made this known to him.

“Abass travelled to Germany in 1995 in pursue of greener pasture.

“I was delivered of our second child shortly after he travelled, but unfortunately the child died.

“My husband came back in 1998. I was happy and did all I could to spice our relationship.

“To my chagrin, my husband started engaging in extra marital affairs three months after he returned to Nigeria and hardly slept at home.

“I reported him to his family members, most especially his sister, but no serious step was taken to effect correction.

“Abass came home one day announcing that he has taken a second wife and rented a house for her outside the home.

“He abandoned me and was always with his new wife.

“He later returned and asked that I moved in with him into the house he had just built.

“We started living there together and my grandchildren came to spend their holiday with us.

“After their holiday was over, my husband suggested that we made them stay permanently with us so that they could run errands for us which I agreed to.

“My lord, my husband suddenly became hostile to me and the children.

“He lost control of his temper one day and threw away my stove with the cooking I was doing on it.”

Akintayo thus adjourned the case.

(Photo for illustration courtesy Saturday Tribune)



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