WEEKEND ROMANCE: My husband fought me, his family sent me packing because I bore only female children

Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has heard the testimony of a woman, Temilade Rasheed, who dragged her husband, Ganiyu Rasheed to court alleging that he neglected her and their four children and also abandoned his responsibilities towards the children because they are female.

Temilade added that he was in the habit of assaulting her physically.

The plaintiff added that she received no succor from her husband’s family.

According to her, they were hostile towards her and her children and instructed her at the end of the day to move out of his husband’s house.

Temilade told the court she was no longer interested in her husband and therefore prayed the court to rule that they were no longer husband and wife.

She also pleaded for the custody of their children, adding that her husband be made responsible for their upkeep.

The plaintiff demanded for the sum of N30, 000 per month as allowance for their children’s upkeep.

Temilade further entreated the court to order her husband to allow her pack the remaining of her belongings from his house.

Lastly, Temilade requested that the court restrain her husband from threatening and interfering with her private life.

Ganiyu pleaded not liable to the charges brought against him.

Temilade in her testimony said, “I met my husband through his friend. We became friends and later dated.

“He impregnated me while we were dating and I moved into his house.

“My husband did not carry out the normal traditional rites before we started living together as husband and wife.

“He likewise didn’t pay my dowry.

“I put to bed four months after I packed into his house. I was delivered of a female child.

“He took a second wife a few months after this.

“Ganiyu displayed no excitement when I put to bed. He became cold and distant towards me and even our new born baby because she’s a female child.

“Our marriage is blessed with four children and they are all girls.

“His second wife on the other hand bore him three children, all male.

“My husband acted partial in his dealings towards me and my rival.

“He neglected me and our children and consistently shirked his responsibilities towards us, while he lavishes attention and gifts on his second wife and children.

“I worked round the clock to ensure I children did not, clothe and train our children in school. I have been responsible for their school fees from the outset of their education.

“Ganiyu did not stop at this. He took to assaulting me physically.

“My husband sought every opportunity to beat me and this in the presence of our children. We were always fighting.

“My husband’s family members made matters worse. They did not hide their bias for a female child and thus made life tough for me.

“They were hostile to me and my children and treated us like a second class citizen.

“They stormed our home one day and ordered that I moved out of their son’s house with my children.

“It is almost going to a year that I was thrown out of my husband’s house.

“My husband cares less about our children’s welfare since we left him.

“My lord, I want an end to my union to my husband since he believes my children and me do not exist.

“I beseech this honourable court to put our children in my custody and enforce it that he pays nothing less than N30, 000 every month for our children’s upkeep and be responsible for their education.

“I further implore the court to rule that he allow me to pack the remaining of my belongings from his house and also restrain him from harassing or interfering with my private life.”

(Courtesy Saturday Tribune)




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