Windstorm wreaks havoc on Lagos •Family of 4 killed

Lagos residents woke up this morning to witness tremendous damages inflicted on parts of the state by heavy windstorm and rainfall.

The Frontier reports that the torrential downpour started in the early hours of this morning, at about 2 O’clock, and fell for more than five hours non-stop.

Apart from flooded roads and residential areas, many houses were destroyed by the windstorm which one of our respondents said such has not been witnessed in Lagos in many years.

In Ojodu area of the state, some houses had their rooftops carried away and dropped elsewhere by the heavy wind.

Electric cables were damaged from the poles and dropped on some streets including Aina, Obafalabi and Ivgbinagbor streets.

Some churches in the area were not spared as the wind also blew away their roofs.

Most affected were City of Life Church and Glory to Glory Covenant Church located in the area.

An informed source told our correspondent that an entire family of four – husband, wife and two children – at Alagbole, a boarder town with Ogun State, was killed by the windstorm. According to the source, roof from a neighbouring house was carried by the wind and dropped on the roof of the bungalow where the family members were lying down. The house collapsed on them and killed them in their sleep.

It was gathered that another house in Gowon Estate in Iyana Ipaja area, had its roof also blown off.

“When the roof was blown off by the heavy wind, the rain came down heavily in our apartment and went up to ceiling level. We all were busy trying to pack the water inside the rain till this morning. As I am talking to you, all our properties have been destroyed just as we are homeless,” a victim who gave his name as Dele narrated.

Another boarder town affected by the rainstorm is Mowe in Ogun State.

“Many of those low budget structures put up by some people who relocated from Lagos in order to own their own houses here had their homes blown off by the heavy wind,” narrated a resident of the area.

A mother by name Faith who resides on Aina Street, Ojodu with her husband and their six-year old son said she woke up abruptly and was scared all night due to the seriousness of the wind.

“I noticed the wind was too serious with loud noise all over. I immediately closed all the windows, sat down and held my little son close to my chest and continued to pray to God for mercy,” she narrated.

Informed sources say many workers reported for duty late while some were absent today either as a result of damages caused their homes by the heavy rain, or traffic jam on Lagos roads after the rain this morning.


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